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Do you love to start your day with a hot cup of English Breakfast in the morning?

Maybe you enjoy taking a quiet moment out in the evening to relax with a cleansing green tea infusion?

Or perhaps you have been attracted to the many health benefits of drinking tea and seek to improve your lifestyle and vitality?

All you need to know about tea!

Here at Tea Infusion you will find a virtual treasure-trove of information on every aspect of tea - from the very beginnings of the history of tea to the amazing depth and variety of tea culture all around the world.

Learn all about the many different types of tea and the health benefits of each and also the history of many popular brands of tea that are available today.

Mini Teapot Collection

Collectible teapots and more!

An essential piece of any tea-drinker's kitchen is the teapot, and if you are a true tea connoisseur then chances are you have more than one!

Teapot collecting can be a joy for anyone with an interest in tea, so be sure to check out the teapot galleries to view some of the more creative, exotic and unusual teapots that other tea enthusiasts have found!

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