Asian Tea Varieties and Traditions

Asian tea refers to varieties of tea from East Asian countries. The main countries that Asian tea refers to are China and Japan, although the term also encompasses Taiwan.

China is the largest producer of tea in East Asia, and Asian Tea mainly refers to tea from China. China produces a large variety of black, green and Oolong teas. Japan is more known for its green tea, and Taiwan is famous for its Oolong teas.

Asian tea mainly refers to green and Oolong teas. Both varieties are heavily produced in Asian countries.

Asian tea ranges widely in taste, depending on level of fermentation and also location. Asian green teas are generally known for their light, refreshing taste. Asian Oolongs can range due to the large differences in fermentation, while amongst the Asian black teas is Lapsang souchong, one of the strongest-tasting varieties of tea available.

Asian green tea varieties

There are many varieties of Asian green tea. Asian green tea does not brew green - rather, the name refers to the color of its leaves.

Asian green tea mainly originates from China or Japan. Japanese green tea is generally the more delicate and sweeter of the two.

Asian Oolong tea varieties

Oolong tea is an ancient category of Asian tea, with a history dating over 400 years. In East Asia, Oolong tea is mainly produced in China and Taiwan.

Oolong tea lies between green and black varieties. Some varieties are nearly green, while others are almost black. However, all varieties of Oolong tea share one characteristic - a thread-like appearance.

Some of the best Oolong teas in the world originate from Taiwan. Oolong from Taiwan is known as Formosa Oolong. Most Formosa Oolong varieties lean towards the green tea spectrum.

Oolong tea from China is generally stronger.

Asian black tea varieties

Black Asian tea mainly originates from China. There are three main varieties of Asian tea - Lapsang souchong, Keemum tea and Yunnan tea.

All three teas are known for their strong taste, with Lapsang souchong the strongest.