Tea Gift Baskets

Tea gift baskets are gift baskets with the emphasis on tea and tea drinking utensils, packaged as part of a theme. Tea gift baskets are a popular choice of gift as they are relatively inexpensive and are versatile.

Tea gift baskets vary greatly, but usually consist of a small bag of loose tea or tea bags, two or more tea cups, matching saucers, and spoons. Tea gift baskets also consist of a small cane basket or tray containing the items.

Simple tea gift baskets may contain only the above. Larger tea gift baskets feature more ornate items, such as tea biscuits, afternoon sweets (toffee is a popular choice), and two or more varieties of tea. Some of the largest tea gift baskets may also feature teapots.

Any tea can be used for the tea gift basket. Tea gift baskets commonly feature black tea, but green tea is becoming a popular choice. Some tea gift baskets also feature Oolong tea.

Tea gift baskets can be divided by tea and also by theme.

Green tea gift baskets

Green tea gift baskets are usually presented as a relaxation package. Green tea has a reputation for calmness because it is a light tea. The lighter varieties of green tea also contain much less caffeine than black and Oolong teas, and therefore lack the stimulating qualities of those teas.

Green tea gift baskets usually feature several different varieties of green tea, as well as an aromatherapy candle.

Sampler tea gift baskets

Some tea gift baskets feature a particular variety of tea and will offer sampler packets of tea. These tea gift baskets place an emphasis around the chosen tea, and may include small samples of the tea from different companies.

Examples of sampler tea gift baskets include the Earl Grey tea gift basket and the Assam tea gift basket. Both sampler tea gift baskets include four samples of the tea from different companies, as well as a small packet of complimentary biscuits.