Bigelow Tea

Bigelow tea is a range of flavored black tea created by the Bigelow Tea Company of the United States. Bigelow tea has been in production since 1945. Since its inception, Bigelow tea has been the best-selling fragrant black tea in the United States.

There are several varieties of Bigelow tea. The staple flavored tea is called Constant Comment. Other varieties include Raspberry Royale and Black Currant. 

Bigelow tea is known for its zestful taste and strong fragrance. Bigelow tea not an actual variety of tea by itself, but is rather a mixture of black tea and other ingredients. One of the main ingredients in Bigelow Tea is cinnamon, which imparts much of the tea's fragrance. Bigelow tea also contains orange peel and various other spices.

While Bigelow tea is most well-known as a flavored black tea, there is also a range of Bigelow Green Tea and Bigelow Herbal Tea. Bigelow green tea comes in a variety of fruit flavors, while Bigelow herbal tea is made with fruit juice and contains no caffeine. 

History of Bigelow tea

The founder of Bigelow tea was Ruth Campbell Bigelow, who developed the tea in the mid-1940s. It is claimed that she used an old colonial recipe as the inspiration for creating a zestful black tea.  

Bigelow tested her recipe on several friends and received "constant comments" of approval, hence the name of her original recipe. In 1945, the original recipe was sold to the public.

Currently, Bigelow Tea Company is the owner of the only working tea estate in the United States, located on Wadmalaw Island off the shore of South Carolina. The company produces over a billion tea bags per year, and is still owned by the Bigelow family. 

There are currently over fifty different flavors of Bigelow tea.

Bigelow tea products

Bigelow tea is sold in foil-wrapped teabags to ensure freshness. Each teabag of Bigelow tea is marked by the Bigelow logo: an image of a teapot with stylized steam, encased within a circle.   

Bigelow tea also comes in large wooden chests, with the chest holding multiple flavors of the tea.